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BEYOND. ist ein europäisches progressives interreligiöses Projekt.

  • Über alle nationalen Grenzen hinweg paneuropäisch.

  • Über alle institutionellen Grenzen hinweg interreligiös-spirituell.

  • Radikal inklusiv. Gemeinwohl orientiert. Auf Frieden ausgerichtet.

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BEYOND. encourages people from all over Europe to create places where progressive people from different religions can meet to…

  • learn from one another and with one another while respecting each other’s religious traditions,

  • learn about and celebrate what makes them different and what they have in common,

  • act as mentors in their own societies and religious institutions to work toward peace, understanding and respect.


If this resonates with you, feel free to contact us so that we can share our experiences and network and work together as the BEYOND. movement for a Europe in which our societies can live together in peace, prosperity, and freedom!