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BEYOND. ist ein europäisches progressives interreligiöses Projekt.

  • Über alle nationalen Grenzen hinweg paneuropäisch.

  • Über alle institutionellen Grenzen hinweg interreligiös-spirituell.

  • Radikal inklusiv. Gemeinwohl orientiert. Auf Frieden ausgerichtet.

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BEYOND. – Name, History and Future Plans

Our story begins in 2018 when a group of Christians were so inspired by the book »Beyond Resistance: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World« (John Dorhauer, Pastor and President of the American United Church of Christ, 2015), that they began to search for and find kindred spirits of other faiths “outside of organized religion.”


Thirty Christians and Muslims attended the first meeting in January 2019, in which the idea of BEYOND. was conceived.


Since April 2020 BEYOND. has grown to encompass Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist people.


In December 2020 we founded the association „BEYOND. The European Network for Religious Progressives“.

We cordially invite all religious progressives to join our movement and together through our European network as well as local initiatives help to strengthen a Europe that expresses our values!